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Blind: unable to see; sightless
Inspiration: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially something creative
Cast: to throw; to shed light upon; comes after “Pod…”


What is Blind Inspiration Cast?
If you are curious about visual impairment and disabilities, suffer from loss of vision, want to be more inclusive as a business, or just enjoy the topics I cover, then you are in the right place.
This website is the base of operations for BlindIC’s podcasts and consulting services. The proprietress Colleen Connor focuses on changing the world’s perspective regarding visual impairments through motivational speaking, podcasting, product reviews, voice recordings, and more.
Things are improving. However, many people with low vision remain unaware of available resources, while the rest of the population is often afraid or uninformed when interacting with us. My podcasts constantly answer the questions: What does visual impairment mean? What can blind people do? How can I help?


Who is Colleen?
I am a voice artist, speaker, advocate and consultant in the DC Metro area, and have lived with a deteriorating eye disease most of my life. In 2011 as my vision continued to decline, I created this podcast to reach out utilizing my performance background and unique skills.


How Do You Contact BlindIC to Learn More and Collaborate?
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Questions? Comments? Curious? Want to work together?
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